Terms and Conditions of Farmers United South Africa (Hereafter referred to as “FUSA”) Membership

Terms and Conditions

1. As part of the registration, FUSA will validate personal information provided by the applicant. By providing this information to FUSA applicant certifies that such information is true and correct.
2. An applicant must provide FUSA with proof of payment upon acceptance of membership. An invoice with FUSA’s bank details will be forwarded to approved members.
3. A member will provide to FUSA with a valid certified copy of ID and Company Registration documents when submitting the membership form.
4. A member is required to keep their personal information provided to FUSA up to date in all respects and at all times. FUSA may validate such updated information as part of the registration process or to continued eligibility for membership in FUSA.
5. FUSA will in no way be responsible or liable for any fines, damages, penalties, or any other costs or liabilities resulting from members failing to provide to FUSA with up to date personal information.
6. Upon application for membership, the applicant gives FUSA permission to conduct a due diligence. 

1. An annual subscription fee of a R1 000 00 (One thousand rand only) per each registration shall be paid upon registration to FUSA and membership will commence/start when FUSA confirms your payment and will continue for a period of 12 months.
2. A member should adhere to the monthly administrative management fee of R500.00 (Five hundred rand only).

1. Should a member not pay his/her full annual subscription fee within a period of 7 working days upon receipt of the application, membership will automatically be terminated.
2. A member should adhere to monthly contributions at all times and should a member fail to pay the monthly contribution fees for 3 months consecutively, the membership will automatically lapse and all fees paid will not be refunded.

It is understood and agreed that all membership information is private and should be treated in the same way we would protect our own personal information from those without the need to know or possess. Accordingly, all membership information is only to be used for official business and as it relates to the operations of FUSA. It is further agreed that no information from the membership listing or any other Member information will be transferred, sold or distributed, in any format, to persons, organizations, or business interests, without the express written consent of the FUSA Head Office.
It is further understood that all membership information and media is the property of the FUSA and is to be transferred in its entirety, along with all other FUSA property, to succeeding Officers, or at the direction of the appointing Legal Officer.
I agree to this Confidentiality Agreement and agree to adhere to the fullest extent in safekeeping and protecting the private information of the membership as set forth above.

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